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­­A powerful, simple, and FUN way of helping your dog to overcome behavioural struggles and to thrive no matter what life throws at them

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Who We Are

Wild K9s was founded by an experienced zoologist, certified canine behaviourist and professional dog trainer with the belief that every dog is unique with their own individual personalities, mannerisms and experiences. Our style of behaviour and training goes beyond traditional methods, using the latest, cutting-edge behavioural science in a fun and accessible way that you and your dog will love, preparing you both for a full and happy life together. 

Whether it’s for basic manners or more complex behavioural issues, we are focused on not only coaching your dog through kind and effective games-based training, but also teaching you how to effectively communicate with them and strengthening your relationship beyond what you thought was possible. 

Our Services

Every training and behaviour programme is unique and specifically tailored to your dog’s needs. You’ll learn more about your dog's personality and the emotions driving their behaviour, how to effectively communicate with them, how to motivate them using appropriate rewards, as well as developing a toolkit of games and management strategies that will bring out the BEST in them.

Spaniel in field with tongue hanging out - Wild K9s
“We have seen such an improvement in Maple's behaviour since we started training with Amy and we haven’t looked back. His resource guarding has improved massively, and he largely seems calmer and is quicker to listen. Amy is helpful, professional and offers fantastic training. Worth every penny."

Lydia & Stephen

Group of seven border collies - Wild K9s

Get in Touch

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