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Useful Resources

These are just some of the tools that you can use to enrich your dog's daily life. I only add things to this list that I have purchased for my own dogs and recommend. I am an affiliate of several companies that I especially love and some have kindly offered me a discount to pass on to my clients. In return, I may receive a small commission but this does not affect my opinions or recommendations. By using some of the links below, you will be supporting me as a local small business owner.


There is a HUGE selection of dog products on the market - some better quality than others. As with all toys, never leave your dog unsupervised and provide free access to fresh water.

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Interactive Feeders & Lickimats

Dog Food

  • This is such a personal choice and I am not a dietary expert, so I don't  recommend any specific diet or brand. However, what is important is that our dogs get the best nutrition possible. I frequently use All About Dog Food site for the most up to date, independent reviews of dog food currently on the market. My dogs are fed raw and are currently on a mix of Honey's Real Dog Food and add-ons from Nurturing By Nature, as I believe a raw diet is the most biologically appropriate food for them. They also have a small quantity of Wolfworthy or Bentley's for scatter feeding or puzzle games.

  • Wet food squeezer bottle: Great for giving treats, supplements or for those that feed raw.

Health & Wellbeing

Healthy Treats & Chews

  • Anco pate: This is my go-to training treat at the moment. Great quality and kind on tummies. It also freezes really well.

  • Due to the cost of quality dog treats, I've recently got into dehydrating my own. You can basically do anything edible for dogs and either use your oven or purchase a dehydrator like this one.

  • Peanut Butter Whichever brand you choose, make sure that it DOES NOT contain Xylitol (also referred to as Birch Sugar). This is highly toxic to dogs and can be fatal. Also be wary of added salt and sugar.

  • Beautiful Joe's Ethical Dog Treats - pricey but a really brilliant company. They last a surprisingly long time and for every packet bought, they donate the same amount to a rescue charity.

  • Forthglade natural dog treats

  • Liver dog training treats

  • Fish 4 Dogs Sea Jerky

  • Organic baby food This works great on a lickimat or in a squeezy tube. Just make sure you check the ingredients to avoid dangerous items like raisins, grape juice, saltanas, onions etc. My dogs like the carrot and peas, and apple and pear flavours.

  • Earth Animal No Hide Long Lasting Rawhide Replacement dog treats

  • Yak milk dog chews: There are loads of brands out there so shop around

  • Sprats, cows ears, pigs ears, rabbit ears (suitable for puppies), and raw marrow bones, depending on your dog's diet, health and chewing style.

Puzzles & Games

  • Nina Ottosson: These puzzles are so much fun and really help boost your dog's optimism and confidence. Start with the easier levels and gradually build up.

  • Trixie also do some fun puzzle toys, like their popular Turn Around game.


  • High K9 raised dog bed: Without a doubt, the best dog beds on the market. After spending a fortune 'experimenting', we always come back to our High K9s! They last forever and can be customised if you (or your dog) fancies a change. Enter discount code for 10% off: WILDK9S10

  • Calming donut dog bed: For those dogs that like an extra snuggle (or a second bed in our case!) these are very popular.

Dog  Kit

  • Wild K9s is a proud sponsor of Yellow Dogs UK, a charity that promotes awareness and understanding of dogs who need space, also known as “yellow dogs”. These are dogs that may be nervous, in training, recovering from an injury or illness, being rehabilitated or simply dogs that prefer to keep their distance from people and other dogs. You can receive a 20% discount in their online shop  by using the code SPONSOR20.

  • Harnesses: As you know, I am VERY passionate about this subject! The majority of harnesses on the market are, at best, inappropriate, but at worst, very painful and damaging to your dog.  The only harnesses that I am happy to recommend are:

  • Leads and collars: I am a fan of Ruffwear collars, leads and lifejackets.

  • Biothane long lines by SwaggerPaws: I would recommend starting with a 5m line and then work your way up to 10m. These links will give you 15% discount.

  • Gleam-K9 towel: This super absorbent towel cleans, drys, shines, and keeps your dog cool or warm depending on what you need.

  • H2O4K9 stainless steel drinking bottle: Great for a walk or on the road. Mine is 9 years old now and still going strong. 

  • Road Refresher non-spill water bowl

  • Petcarium Portable Shower: The best one we've used. Great water pressure and stays warm for hours. No more cold showers for your dog!

  • Equafleece: Perfect for those chilly mornings or winter walks.

  • Cool Coats for Dogs: Essential gear for those balmy summer days, particularly if you can't find shade.

  • Tick Removers: Always important to have handy.


  • Tug-e-nuff: Everything is great, but particularly the tug toys, clam toy, and whip it. Enter discount code for 10% off: WILDK9S

  • K9 Connectables: Not the cheapest, but extremely well made and a great investment. You can start off with one piece and gradually build up, creating an infinite number of toys in one! Enter discount code for 10% off: WILDK9S

Your Kit

  • Silicone treat pouch

  • Plastic-free eco-friendly poo bags

  • Doo-kee poo bag holder

  • Electrox Sterilising Water:  I use this everywhere as an eco-friendly sanitiser that kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria. It's also great on itchy or irritated skin and gives me complete peace of mind.

  • Dog Camera: There are plenty of options to choose from. It's worth shopping around for the best deals as this changes frequently. Expect to pay no more than £20-£30.

  • Ruggable: Beautiful washable and durable non-slip rugs to keep your pup's joints safe

  • Non-slip mats: Although these are designed as pee pads, they also make a great, washable non-slip surface for your dog

  • Floors for Paws: As recommended by Canine Arthritis Management


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Dog Kit
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